Tuesday, April 26, 2005

"Amazing"-ly Funny

If nothing else, Rob & Amber got some of the smug wiped off their faces on "Amazing Race" tonight, although they avoided elimination. (n fact, everyone did on this non-elimination show.
The order of finish was Uchenna & Joyce, first; Meredith & Gretchen -- who have allied with Uchenna & Joyce -- in second; Rob & Amber, third, and Ron & Kelly, fourth. Ron & Kelly lose their money and stuff for the next leg but won a nice prize courtesy of one of "Race's" many sponsors.
The prize involves a gnome, which gave Rob the funniest line of the night: "What's gnome?" Amber took a break from saying "Good job, honey!" long enough to try to explain it to him. But I delight in any Rob gaffe at this point, including a needling of other contestants that backfired on him. While Rob declared, "I'm so over India," I'm way over him and keep waiting for the moment when he and Amber finally fail. Until that comes, I'll settle for the moment tonight when R&A realized they were not in first place but in third -- and that their supposed craftiness had not paid off for once. Maybe it's because they went through most of this leg without convincing any local residents to serve as guides; R&A actually had to make it on their own and it didn't work out.
It is indeed "Amazing" that Gretchen & Meredith go on, since they so often make mistakes which could easily end their quest; Uchenna & Joyce have really bailed them out, and the promos for the next show indicate that they'll try to help the older couple once again. I just hope that it doesn't ultimately hold back U&J so much that they lose their considerable advantage on the show.
And what of Ron & Kelly, whose conversation in last week's promo hinted at a great conflict this week? (Kelly, complaining of Ron's trouble with commitment, claimed that Ron had gotten out of the Army by becoming a POW.) Ron seems to be too patient a guy to rip Kelly in melodramatic fashion, but he didn't let her remark go unanswered. He noted that his imprisonment included "hell and torture" and "I almost died." That's reality.


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