Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Amazing Race": Why the Promos Are Sometimes the Best Part

That promo for next week's "Amazing Race" was nasty, wasn't it? In case you missed the dialogue between Ron and Kelly, it went like this:
Kelly -- "You don't make commitments."
Ron -- " ... I was only committed to the military."
Kelly -- "And you go out of that one."
Ron -- "How did I get out of that one?"
Kelly -- "By being a POW!"
Oh, my. Can't wait to see the rest of that episode. But for now, let's deal with tonight's.
There were two choke-you-up moments, the first courtesy of Uchenna & Joyce. To complete a Fast Forward and get an advantage in the race, Joyce agreed to have her head shaved. Even though Uchenna seemed more reluctant to let it happen than Joyce did, he still played the good husband, telling his wife more than once, "You are beautiful." A sweet moment involving a consistently likable couple on the show.
The other featured Meredith and Gretchen, the old folks whose repeated mistakes and miscalulations have had them close to elimination several times on the show. But they prevailed for another week and -- as host Phil Keoghan declared on the air -- are now the oldest couple ever to make it to the final four. (Meredith is 69, according to the CBS Web site, and Gretchen is 66.)
It got to me when they were told they were still in the race, even though I've been aware of all their gaffes. Maybe that's one of the attractive things about the "Race"; you can make mistakes but still prevail somehow, a feeling we'd all like to have about day-to-day life. Of course, on the "Race" your survival can also depend on someone else making an even worse mistake -- and this week it was Lynn and Alex whose miscalculations (two significant ones in this episode) caught up with them.
Which leaves us with Uchenna & Joyce, whose Fast Forward put them in first; Ron & Kelly, Rob & Amber and finally Meredith & Gretchen. I'm still one of those viewers who would like anyone else to win but Rob & Amber, although there were enough other things going on on Tuesday that they didn't annoy me. But if I had to give the prize to one team right now, it would be Uchenna & Joyce.


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