Thursday, April 28, 2005

Another Scott scenario?

This landed in my e-mail today regarding Scott Savol's run on "American Idol":
''While you are looking for reasons Savol is still in competition on American Idol, perhaps you should give serious thought to the web sites with the sole purpose of messing up American Idol buy asking people to vote for the contestant they like the least - Savol has been the top one on the list for several weeks. This would also make a good story and help viewers understand why the guy they don't like keeps on going.''
A similar note came to my Q&A on, referring specifically to the Web address . Savol is indeed the site's candidate of choice. (Reader note: The site contains some very harsh language.)
While this could be getting him votes, I'm not convinced it is keeping Scott on the show. We've seen indications in the past that contestants were being kept around by people voting for them as a joke, and the practice eventually ran out of steam. Also, if this campaign has been going on for weeks, it wasn't enough to keep Scott out of the bottom three several times.
And I do know of Scott fans, including one who called me last week to complain that I hadn't said enough nice things about him.
But there's an interesting intersection of ideas at work here. Suppose that many viewers are getting bored with the "Idol" contenders or have seen their favorites get voted off already. That could diminish enthusiasm among voters and create an opportunity for a passionate group of "Idol" haters to have an impact. We'll see.


Blogger Idol Addict said...

I for one vote nonstop from the end of the show till they stop taking votes, and most all of my votes go to Scott.
Why?? Because I like his voice, and feel he has talent.
I also vote for Carrie, because I like her voice too.
I would think that Ohioans would show more support and pride in having someone from Ohio represent their state. Instead of constantly questioning why he is still there.
Possibly there are others which I am certain out there that feel he has talent. Could this be why he is getting votes and still in the running?? Very possible.
Shame on Ohio for not supporting Scott and demonstating more pride in all he has accomplished.
Fantasia proved you don't have to be a beauty to win, Rubin proved you don't have to be ultra thin, and even Kelly proved you don't have to... well... I take that back, I think she bordered awful close to perfect.
People if you don't like Idol, then don't watch it. If you don't agree with who is winning and it upsets you that much, then don't watch it.
I love the show, and never miss it. I don't always agree with everything they say and do, but I still enjoy it and look forward to each new season.
How hurt Scott must be to see such articles written up from his state when other states are supporting their representatives.
Come On Ohio, the only thing wrong with Scott is he needs your support, and could polish up his stage presence a bit.
I am proud to be known as a Scott fan, and he has my support as long as he continues to sing. At least he sings to our hearts, as opposed to acting like he is the stud of the walk like Constantine did.
Personally I think he really needed to go, and was glad to see it last week. He just thought he was all that and a bag of chips, we thought he was more like just plain dip!!!

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