Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Getting caught

This morning, I was channel-flipping for a minute before heading the office, and I got stuck. You know how that is: You tell yourself you'll watch something for a minute, only to realize that many minutes have passed. It can happen while watching sports, or catching a snippet of "Law & Order" or, well, just about anything.
Two things dragged me in: one of those HBO "Legendary Nights" boxing programs -- this one about Aaron Pryor and Alexis Arguello -- and a Showtime telecast of "White Line Fever,'' a '70s movie starring Jan-Michael Vincent. I won't make claims for greatness for either one, although the "Legendary Nights" series is pretty good, even if the half-hour episode length is sometimes too short for the story to be told.
I could give you a long rationalization for watching "White Line Fever,'' an explanation about the film's use of class warfare as a theme, and its way of making clear that economic issues cross racial lines, but I won't. Because, frankly, those ideas came to me while I was waiting to see Vincent drive his truck through a statue-sized logo outside the company that was oppressing Vincent and other truckers.
I've always enjoyed that scene, and I was willing to wait to see it again. And a lot of people spend their viewing time on things they have seen before; they like what they've seen and can enjoy it on repeated viewing. I just like seeing that truck go.


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