Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Goodbye, Anwar

Another "Idol" results show, another farewell to a strong contender. I liked Anwar. Before the finals began, he was my pick to win it all, and I encountered plenty of people who thought he deserved it.
But in recent weeks, I think he ran smack into a passion gap with voting viewers; he was likable, he was talented, but he wasn't overwhelming. There was a certain coolness to him -- he didn't make it a major mission for people to vote for him. His demeanor said: Hey, vote or don't vote, I'm your friend either way. That made for performances that didn't knock me out, and I was rooting for the guy.
But it sure looks more and more like the producers expect a Carrie/Constantine finish, doesn't it? Did you take a close look at that "Rock This Town" video, where they were paired like the road-show stars of "Grease" -- or "Frankie & Annette: The Next Generation." You would think the producers had learned their lesson with that Justin/Kelly movie.
At least we didn't have to deal with a bloated hour of padding before we got the results. Instead, we just had to deal with a bloated half-hour. When the group gets this small, even that stretch of time is hard to fill. So we had the extended mock-tribute to Ryan Seacrest, the performance of yet another just-for-"Idol" song, "the Rock This Town" bit, the inevitable recap of Tuesday's performance. Made for plenty of chances to flip elsewhere. (Yes, to the Cavs game.)


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