Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I Didn't Mean THAT big a shocker!

I was feeling a little smug during last night's "Idol" when Constantine was in the bottom three -- and then two -- on the show. It didn't last.
Why smug at all? In last night's posting, I had put him in my bottom three and called him "dull." And, I warned: "I suspect the producers liked the shifting fortunes among the contenders because it sets up a possible surprise on the results show tomorrow night. Even those of us disappointed by the recent votes can't really call them surprises."
Of course, I had also said Scott Savol had butchered his performance and put him in my bottom three, too; voters were much kinder, raising him to the top three.
And the smug got wiped off me as thoroughly as it did from Rob & Amber on Tuesday's "Amazing Race." I was not at all prepared for Constantine's ouster.
While he had not been good on Tuesday's performance show, I thought in recent weeks he had emerged as one of the smartest tacticians on the show, reshaping his image from the early descriptions as a rocker into someone who would appeal to a broader part of the voting public. There have been plenty of predictions out there that Constantine and Carrie would be the final two. So I thought even an off week wouldn't sink him. I could have seen Anthony, Vonzell or Scott going. Not Constantine.
I can't begin to explain why Constantine collapsed so suddenly. The habits of "Idol" voters are often a mystery, and this is one I can't solve.
I can make more sense of Scott's survival on the show. Although he wasn't good on Tuesday -- wasting what should have been a valuable opportunity, since he closed the show -- he seems not only to have admirers (a relatively small group in recent weeks, when he was in the bottom three) but sympathizers and protectors. Bad press finally seems to be working for him, and he's not the first contestant to get a voting bounce shortly after being ripped by Simon.
And, as I've written for my column in Wednesday's Beacon Journal (which you should be able to find by tomorrow morning on ), Scott is now getting a good image rebuild into the average guy who's gotten a great opportunity. That "heart and soul of America" kind of rhetoric that was attached to him on Tuesday's show.


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