Tuesday, April 19, 2005

"Idol" Notebook

Tonight was "Seventies Dance Classics Night," "Happy Birthday Night," "Love Us Even Though We Can't Dance Night," "The Show Isn't Ready to Let Bo Go Night" and the latest in a series of "How Can Paula Judge Anything When She's Dancing Around Instead of Listening to the Performances Night." Well, we know the answer to the last one; she doesn't judge, she just spreads the love.
Only the first of those descriptions was the actual theme on "Idol," and it proved a very flexible description encompassing, among other things, the Ides of March oldie "Vehicle" -- which, it should not surprise you, was sung by the recently struggling Bo Bice. Who still struggled some but at least did better than the last couple of weeks. Scorecard coming up.
I had to do some time-shifting to catch all the show, since I was away from the TV on family business at the beginning, arriving in time for Carrie but having to catch Constantine on a DVR replay during a commercial break. And I generally skipped the other breaks and some of the segments with the contestants dancing (although I saw enough, believe me); the dancing was, after all, part of the attempts we get at this stage to focus more on the contestants' personalities; the same thing applies to the birthday greetings both Scott and Anwar sent out to relatives.
And why was I skipping? To see as much as I could of the Cavaliers game, since their post-season chances are still on the line. (They won, so they still have a chance at the playoffs with one game left to their regular season.)
Getting back to Scott, he was definitely trying to rein in the combativeness from the week before. And he sounded all right, although he always seems a verse or two away from being really good. He would be a lot better if he could just find a song that consisted entirely of a chorus, since the verses are where he most often wobbles.
Also, I was glad to see that Carrie didn't collapse under those snarky "stick to country" comments from the judges last week and went for a little Donna Summer this week. And was at a couple of points jaw-droppingly good.
Carrie, in fact, topped my ranking for the week. Following her, in descending order, Vonzell; a tie among Constantine, Anwar, Scott and Bo; then Anthony at the bottom. But Anthony would have to be amazing not to get out of my cellar.
I had different reasons for clustering the four guys in the middle: didn't really like Constantine's song choice, didn't think Anwar really made a lot out of his song, have already mentioned Scott's problems and thought Bo struggled at the beginning of yet another song he should have kicked the doors off. But he closed the show and received the appropriate kudos from the judges, both signs that someone at "Idol" wants him to stick around.


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