Thursday, April 28, 2005

Judy Woodruff, Baseball Fan

The Associated Press reports that the CNN anchor will leave fulltime work at the network when her contract expires in June. Here's a link to a story about it:

The news reminded me of the last time I talked to Woodruff. It was July. She was in Boston for the Democratic convention, getting sent by satellite to a crowd of reporters attending the TV critics' press tour in California. She was, of course, helping to promote CNN's coverage. But in touting it, she said CNN was going to be at Fenway Park one day and "It's fair to say the Democrats could maybe learn something about competitition from those Red Sox.''

Now, this was before the Red Sox pulled off their miraculous World Series win, the first in decades. So when I got a chance to ask a question, I reminded Woodruff off the team's long record of frustration -- which didn't seem very inspiring to any candidate.

"But you can't say (the Red Sox) don't believe in competition,'' she replied. Still, she soon enough admitted that "my knowledge of baseball lasts about another five seconds, so I'm going to shut up.''

Wolf Blitzer, also at the press conference, tried to save Woodruff by noting that the Sox were playing the Yankees around that time and ''the Democrats would like to look to the New York Yankees for some inspiration on how to win these kinds of contests.''

In the end, it didn't seem to matter where the Democrats looked for inspiration. And attempts to parallel politics and sports are always risky.


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