Thursday, April 07, 2005

``Lost,'' ``24'': Where's the shock?

So Boone is gone on ``Lost.'' Not exactly suspenseful, was it? A show that is known for its twists and turns went with the most likely character to get rid of. I mean, I keep track of ``Lost'' mostly by osmosis -- listening to fans, my wife among them -- and even I kept saying that, ``It can't be Boone! That's too obvious.''
But maybe regular viewers of TV series are just tough to surprise, let alone shock. Here's how a Fox press release described Tuesday's episode of ``24,'' which included a succesful attack on Air Force One with the president onboard: "pivotal," "shocking," "riveting," "gripping," "critical and controversial.'' The network even scheduled replays of the show for tonight and Sunday, supposedly to give viewers an extra chance to see "the most talked-about hour in the show's four thrilling seasons."
Excuse me? We're talking about a show that has set off a nuclear weapon on American soil, unleashed a deadly virus attack, killed off major characters and had viewers shouting "Nina is the mole!'' This week's episode was small potatoes by comparison.


Blogger Beirne said...

I liked this week's Lost well enough. I didn't expect a lot on this episode, and it was intense rather than surprising. I didn't mind that Boone died because I'd rather have him off the cast than one of the more interesting characters.

There definitely wasn't anything shocking about 24. I like the show and even liked the episode, but it didn't live up to the advertising hype. It would have been shocking if the president was working for Marwan, but being shot down was a foregone conclusion.

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