Saturday, April 23, 2005

Rain, snow and a TV marathon

I had some things to do in the real world earlier today, so I had to set the DVR for the early phases of the NFL draft, then catch up on the Browns' pick when I got home.
Once I was home, if the weather had been nicer, I probably would have left the TV on the draft and drifted inside occasionally for an update between chores.
But with rain much of the day and snow starting late in the afternoon, it wasn't a day for doing much of anything, inside or out. And I didn't have to feel that guilty about it; the weather forecasts had been sufficiently grim that I hadn't waited until the weekend to mow the lawn.
Still, the day was too dreary to energize anyone, an emotional letdown after spring had gotten in the blood. So I ended up spending a lot more time than planned on the couch, watching the draft.
There was drama to be found here and there, notably in the tale of Aaron Rodgers, thought to be a prime prospect but ultimately drafted 24th -- and after hours of ESPN coverage included repeated discussion of why Rodgers wasn't picked sooner.
But when it didn't involve teams that mattered to me, the draft was mainly TV-as-company. It didn't require my attention every minute, but when I wanted to look up, it offered something of passing interest, either in a team's selection, or in the crawl containing the picks so far, or in the commentators' analysis and guessing.
So the draft coverage passed the time. But if it hadn't been there, I probably would have ended up seeking company somewhere else -- like in an ''I Love the '80s'' marathon on VH1. TV doesn't always offer something I'm dying to watch. But it usually has something I can settle for -- especially when the alternative is watching the puddles expand outside.


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