Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Reality Tuesday

As you might guess, there's a lot of video recording of shows at our house. But there are also shows we like to sit down and watch, and on Tuesday those shows are ""American Idol'' and ''The Amazing Race.'' I hear from time to time from readers who claim to hate all reality shows, but I don't think they watch many -- and certainly not something as dramatic as these shows can be.
But this season, "Amazing Race'' has been tough for me because of the Rob-and-Amber problem. Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich from ''Survivor'' are competing on ''Race'' and their approach to the game involves ''Survivor''-like scheming that goes against the more pure competition I've come to enjoy on ''Race.''
Don't get me wrong. I like ''Survivor,'' too. And there have been unpleasant contestants on ''Race'' before. But R&A's success so far has been galling; besides their deviousness, they're smug, they already have huge ''Survivor'' winnings and their ''Survivor'' fame has given them an advantage over other teams (since people recognize R&A and want to help them). And I keep wondering when Amber is going to have to do something more than follow Rob and look helpless.
I still watch the show faithfully (although I may pass on Wednesday's recap special). And I devote plenty of energy to rooting for anyone but R&A. But that's not as much fun as it was with some previous ''Races.'' So I keep hoping they'll lose and we can focus more on the likable teams on the show.
As for "Idol,'' several weeks ago I picked Anwar to win and I still think he has a shot. But my gosh, Nadia has become more impressive by the week (even if she made a disastrous hair choice awhile back). And in tonight's competition, involving songs from musicals, she was the rare contender who actually understood how to sing a show tune.
Better yet, I could hear her. The version of the show I watched -- on Fox's HD feed -- had a lot of bad mixes of band with vocals, where the vocals were often very hard to hear. I mean, Constantine appeared to be very good -- surprisingly so -- but I'm guessing because the band was often overwhelming his vocals.
That said, if I were ranking this week's contenders, Nadia would be tops, followed in order by Anwar, Vonzell, Constantine, Carrie, Nikko, Bo, Scott and Anthony. (I know, I should give Scott more credit because he is from Northeast Ohio -- and he does appear to have a strong following based on the votes to date. But he was bad Tuesday, maybe the worst he has ever been.)
You may have a different opinion. And it's good to have one. We all know Paula Abdul refuses to have any other than ''everyone is beautiful in his/her own way.'' But we'll see on Wednesday night how the votes went.


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