Thursday, April 28, 2005

A ''Survivor" No More

We all get the feeling: You decide to root for someone on a show, and that person gets eliminated, and you wonder if you should ever cheer for a contestant -- if somehow you're bad luck.
Of course, it's all superstition, but after seeing a couple of contestants I admired get the boot on "American Idol," tonight's "Survivor" just left me feeling snakebit.
Yes, Stephenie is gone. The gutsy, go-it-alone gal who was the last member of The Worst Tribe Ever has finally been voted out. She tried to build an alliance, she looked for friends, and the show's editing made it seem as if there was enough conflict among the remaining contestants that she might find a way to break through. On top of that, Tom -- the most able of all the contenders, if not the most cunning -- did not win immunity for a change, so there was a chance that the web-spinning other players might seize this opportunity to get Tom out of the way. Katie sure seemed to have her spinner running.
No such luck. The show obviously didn't show us some key discussions, as the Stephenie wipe-out was thorough and merciless. And to think I had to wait an extra hour (because of the Bush press conference) to see it.
Now I'll just have to hope for another "Survivor: All Stars," and a chance for Stephenie to triumph there. Or maybe she could form a duo for another "Amazing Race." It would be a lot more fun to watch her than Rob & Amber.


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