Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tune in Tuesday: "The Shield"

I know, this is a big viewing night, especially with "American Idol" and "Amazing Race." But save some viewing energy for tonight's episode of "The Shield," at 10 p.m. on FX. If you've been following the show this season, you know that Vic (played well, as always, by Michael Chiklis) has been trying to clean up his act, notably because of the support he's received from a new commander, wonderfully played by Glenn Close. The change in direction was important for a show that seemed to have gone as far as it could with the bad-Vic story lines in the previous season. But tonight, things take another turn, and one that's as effectively dramatically as it is terribly sad. I watched the episode along with last week's late last Tuesday night, thanks to a review tape from FX, and I didn't regret losing sleep to do so. (A warning to those of you who haven't seen "The Shield" before: The content is often raw, and much rougher than what you encounter on broadcast network shows.)


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