Tuesday, May 03, 2005

''Amazing Race'': Youth Must Be Served

Stop the madness! Rob & Amber are back in first place at the end of tonight's episode, heading into the final competition ahead of Ron & Kelly and Uchenna & Joyce. It's finally bye-bye time for Meredith & Gretchen, who lasted remarkably long given their knack for error and miscalculation. And I was ready to sacrifice them if that kept Uchenna & Joyce in the race. At the risk of jinxing them the way I have jinxed so many other players on reality shows, they're the ones I want to win.
That said, Rob & Amber did play the game well tonight, learning from their error on the last telecast and searching for the best possible flight to London, which was not the most obvious one. (Bizarre that Uchenna & Joyce in particular, who were very savvy about flight-shopping on the previous leg, settled for a flight without searching more thoroughly.) On the other hand, Rob & Amber grabbed onto yet another friendly local to help them along, not only by guiding them to locations but by helping them decipher clues.
Should we hope that Rob & Amber have been taking the names of all their helpers, to share the prize with them if they win? I don't think so.
Big drama in the episode: The ongoing meltdown of Ron & Kelly's relationship, which includes some sexist babble from Ron about things like teaching women to drive, and yet another round of Kelly acting as if Ron had gone all Jonathan-and-Victoria on her. I'm finding myself in one of those positions where I'd like Ron to win, but only if somehow Kelly couldn't share the prize.
I'd also have liked Ron to take that pile of travel money they won last week and say, ''Here's your half, babe. Have a nice trip.''
So even if I didn't like Uchenna & Joyce all that much, they'd be my favorites by default. But I like them, I like the way they play the game, I like the way they enjoy the trip. Now I'd just like to see them win.


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