Wednesday, May 25, 2005

''Idol,'' ''Lost''

The Clay-Ruben season of ''American Idol'' showed it was possible to have more than one winner in the real world no matter how the vote went; the same thing probably happened tonight.
Carrie got the title. Fine. I didn't really care who won. But, as I said in an earlier posting, she seemed much more in keeping with the ''Idol'' style than Bo, and I think she can bring a greater level of sincerity than Bo to the icky songs winners get stuck with.
I also hope that she shows some of the spine that was evident as she made her way to the championship; she did not let the judges pigeon-hole her as just a country singer, and I'd like to think there will be days when she balks at the things the producers want her to do in the studio. If not, well, some day she'll be done with ''Idol'' and able to set her own course.
As for Bo, I've already written that he had reason to be worried about the consequences of success -- that winning ''American Idol'' would likely lead to a reshaping of his music and his style by the image-makers behind the show.
Finishing second, therefore, is probably a good thing for him. There's less pressure to make an all-things-to-all-people CD, for starters. To be sure, it may not sell all that well, either. But he has a much better chance now of getting back together with his band and playing the music he loves as soon as his ''Idol'' obligations are over. (But first: The tour. The costumes. The horror.)
I basically caught the end of ''Idol'' -- and went back to some of the beginning -- after watching ''Lost.''
I was fully prepared going in to come to the ending and say, ''Is that it? Is that all you've got?'' And I would feel perfectly justified in doing so. A friend, after all, has been referring to ''Rich episodes'' -- meaning ones that little seems to have been resolved, which all too often were the ones I watched closely. And, in many ways, the season finale of ''Lost'' was a ''Rich episode.''
But it's probably the greatest ''Rich episode'' ever made. I got to the end, fumed briefly over the closing shot and then had to remind myself that I had had a good time. I finally felt close to the characters, close enough to watch them even when they weren't really going anywhere. I had laughed, I had discussed the upcoming plot twists and I got to the end thinking, ''OK, give me next season.''


Blogger Alicia B. (Kenmore) said...

I was disappointed with the "Lost" season finale. I felt the episode should have focused more on resolving the main plot points without the constant flashbacks before the crash (which provided no new info).

Such as, who the heck are the rescuers-to-be who snatched the boy? Pirates? Slave-traders? Alien body-snatchers?? Do we assume that everyone on the raft is a goner, since it was blown to bits?? What in the world is in the jungle that sounds mechanical that grabbed Locke but can disappear in a wisp of black smoke?? And just how crazy IS the French chick??

SOME of these loose ends should have been tied up, but I guess that's what you call a cliffhanger...

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