Wednesday, May 11, 2005

''Idol'':Then there were three

I said in last night's posting that the final four on ''American Idol'' were all pretty evenly matched on the performance show. So I wouldn't have been surprised by anything tonight.
And it seemed as if we were being set up for a surprise when Ryan all but demanded that Simon say Carrie still had a chance to win -- as if Ryan could then say ''A-HAAAA'' when it turned out Carrie had been voted off.
But no such surprise awaited. Instead, Anthony was voted off and we can all go, ''OK. What else have you got?''
Well, what we've got is the final three (Bo, Carrie, Vonzell) and memories of another agonizingly drawn-out results show. A group sing of ''Islands in the Stream.'' A nostalgic stroll through the final four's original auditions. (Well, their original auditions for the judges, anyway; in Cleveland, you had to jump a couple of hurdles to get to that stage.) A reminder through those auditions that these folks have all gotten major hair and makeup help since then.
Then a lineup where Bo is safe, and Carrie is safe, and it's down to Vonzell and Anthony and ... Anthony gets the boot.
No more miracle boy. OK. What else...


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