Monday, May 09, 2005

In case you wondering... (modified)

On ''Saturday Night Live,'' Weekend Update hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler paid tribute to Herb Sargent, with Fey saying, ''We wouldn't be here without you.''
Here's a link to an obituary for Sargent:,1002,271951891,00.html

Here's a description of Sargent in ''Saturday Night,'' the fine book about ''SNL,'' by Doug Hill and Jeff Weingrad:
''He was the only member of the writing staff over forty. He was also the only writer who'd had experience in live TV. ...
''Sargent was a bearlike, silver-haired New York City liberal who had worked for a variety of, as he put it, losing political causes. He was famous for his acerbic wit and taciturn manner; people who'd worked with him often noticed that if more than two people congregated in a room Sargent was in, he tended to slip quietly out the door. Sargent was not the type to throw his weight around, and he would serve as a reassuring, fatherly presence for many of the younger members of the staff, including, some thought, Lorne [Michaels].''


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