Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Is it ''live'' or ...

I was talking to a friend today who was very excited about tonight's season finale of ''Veronica Mars.'' He also likes ''House'' and ''Amazing Race,'' which air opposite ''Veronica,'' but gave ''Veronica'' the ultimate accolade: ''I'm going to watch it live!''
Of course, he'll have recorders going for the other shows. And I've mentioned in earlier postings both the way that some time slots set video recorders humming to collect all the desired shows, and the ease with which many people watch shows at times they weren't intended for.
But that conversation reminded me that there's also something special about sitting down and watching a TV show in real time when you know the same event is happening in millions of other homes. And we really do give a program special priority when we decide to watch it while recording something else; after all, we may never get around to the recorded show. (I am so far behind on ''Deadwood'' at this point, I may never catch up.)
I'm pretty sure that I'll be watching ''American Idol'' and ''Amazing Race'' in real time tonight, if only because those are shows my wife and I watch together. But I'm going to be wondering what's happening with ''Veronica Mars'' and may get to it either late tonight or early tomorrow. (I'm very curious about whether the show can be even more twisted than it was in last week's episode.) As a result, I don't know when I'll be posting here about the shows; one of the drawbacks to writing about TV is that it takes time away from watching TV.


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