Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The long coat-tails of ''Star Wars''

The final installment of the ''Star Wars'' saga is expected to draw hordes of theater-goers when it opens in a couple of weeks. So, of course, everyone is trying to find a way to take advantage of the interest. TV Guide is peddling commemorative ''Star Wars'' covers -- and it's supposed to be a magazine about television!
But one of the funniest attempts to tie into ''Star Wars'' may be the one touted in this press release:

''The Force is with Animal Planet! The premiere of its latest special, ANIMAL ICONS: STAR WARS CREATURES on Wednesday, May 18 from 9-10 PM, gives viewers a glimpse into stories behind the unique and quirky creatures that define these epic films. From Ewoks to Wookees to Boga, Star Wars movies have given us some of the world’s most memorable fantasy creatures – aliens so vivid, they almost seem real.''

The announcement went on from there. But just the idea that Animal Planet would do a special about CREATURES THAT DON'T EXIST got a laugh from my colleague, film critic George Thomas. I And, since the release also says this is the kind of programming Animal Planet wants to do more, I have to think that even they know that there are limits to how much people will watch the Crocodile Hunter.


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