Thursday, May 05, 2005

More "Idol"

I watched the rest of ABC's attempt to torpedo ''American Idol'' via allegations from Corey Clark, the 2003 contestant claiming he had an affair with judge Paula Abdul. I think he's a publicity hound trying to take advantage one last time of his only claim to fame -- being on ''Idol.'' I thought a lot of the ABC report was slimy, including the way that Clark's claim was presented to other former contestants in a dragged-out segment that seemed like a blend of one of "Idol's" after-the-break teasers and a reveal from ''Trading Spaces.'' Yes, the phone records bother me. But I'm still more inclined to look for alternate explanations than to accept what Clark is saying. Time could prove me wrong, but that's where I am right now.
Also on the "Idol" front, here's a release from Fox that landed in my e-mail this morning:

We have concerns about the motives behind last night’s purported news special, as much of it was filled with rumor, speculation and assertions from a disqualified contestant who admitted during the special to telling lies. Regardless, we are absolutely committed to the fairness of this competition. We take any accusations of this nature very seriously, no matter their source, and we have already begun looking into them.
Despite documented procedures and multiple opportunities, as well as contractual requirements for contestants to raise any concerns, we were never notified or contacted by Mr. Clark or any other individual, nor presented any evidence concerning these claims.
Upon recently hearing rumors of Mr. Clark’s claims, we contacted him and requested that he detail his accusations to us. That has yet to happen.
It should also be noted that the ultimate decision on which contestants move forward on “American Idol” has always been determined by the voting public. We have gone to great lengths and great expense to create a voting system that is fair and reliable. Judges may offer opinions, but viewers vote using their own subjective criteria; and it is the voters who ultimately determine each season’s American Idol.


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