Monday, May 09, 2005

More "Runaway Bride''

I've been amused by the fascination with the ''runaway bride'' saga, a sideshow if there ever was one. But other people, obviously, take it very seriously, as you can see through this link to The Smoking Gun:

The Web site gained access to letters people wrote to the town of Duluth, Ga., about how to deal with the runaway. Beware of raw language and some spectacular insults.
At least one letter commented on the bride's place in modern media, contending that she ''is acting out scenes from several Julia Roberts movies,'' followed by specific references to the different movies.
''There are a lot of women out there that all they have to do is see something on TV, in the movies, in a music video or read in a celebrity magazine and then they decide to create and act out their own Hollywood drama version of it at the expense of others,'' the letter continued.


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