Thursday, May 05, 2005

A Song in My Heart (and Job)

On Wednesday I went down to WAPS (91.3-FM) to tape a segment of its ''Life & Lyrics'' show, where folks come in and play some of their favorite songs. You can hear my selections on May 25 at 7:30 p.m.
I've been a music fan most of my life, and have written about it from time to time for the Beacon Journal, so coming up with a list of about half a dozen favorites was sheer torture. Still, there were certain things I knew I wanted to include, among them at least one song about television. It's my meal ticket, of course, and there have been some nifty songs tied to it.
I settled for a real oldie, Dinah Washington's ''TV is the Thing This Year,'' and -- if I had had a little more time -- was going to add Steve Goodman's ''Door No. 3.''
The latter is a country-style homage to love and ''Let's Make a Deal,'' co-written by Goodman and Jimmy Buffett, which makes me smile every time I hear it. (If you come across it, don't miss its bow to Bob Dylan.)
If I had gone all-TV, I would have considered John Mayall's ''Television Eye'' as a counterpoint to Dinah Washington; she uses TV as a sexual metaphor, while Mayall says of TV that ''It's hard to turn you off even though you never turn me on.'' I could also have gone for Springsteen's ''57 Channels'' or Little Charlie & The Nightcat's bluesy ''TV Crazy.''
Then there's John Prine's ''Spanish Pipedream,'' with its urging to ''blow up your TV.'' (Another of Prine's songs, ''Illegal Smile,'' ended up on TV as the theme for a nice but short-lived series called ''The Texas Wheelers,'' which co-starred Gary Busey and Mark Hamill. But I'm trying to stick to songs that actually have TV in them.)
I might have stretched enough for Randy Newman's ''Rednecks,'' with its opening line about seeing Lester Maddox on TV. And what about Prince's ''Kiss''? Wasn't there a line that ''you don't have to watch 'Dynasty' to have an attitude?''
I'm sure there are other songs. I may post some as I think of them. And if you have any to add, use the ''comments'' bar below.


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