Friday, May 06, 2005

Stuck on ''Survivor''

Because of some obligations at home, I ended up watching Thursday's episode of ''Survivor: Palau'' piecemeal -- the beginning and end last night, and the middle this morning. But even in that disjointed fashion, when I saw Katie turn on Gregg in tribal council, I let up a cheer.
I don't know that I was cheering for Katie exactly. Tom and Ian seem to be the class acts of this group (although both are also showing a lot of relish for mind games now that it's no longer tribe-against-tribe). And I try to keep an eye on Caryn because she is from Northeast Ohio, although she has often seemed out of the center of the action -- until last night, at least.
I was cheering for Katie more because she made such a bold tactical move -- not only turning on her new allies but breaking up a potential Rob-Amber II alliance, and in that shift trying to put herself back with the winners for the long haul.
Of course, she may have made her move too late, since she is coming back to Tom-Ian-and-new-pal-Caryn at a point where they don't need a fourth vote. They already have three out of the remaining five. But at least she played the game hard, and that's what ''Survivor'' can be about.
I'm still holding out on declaring this the best ''Survivor'' ever. The first one was very good, after all, and set the tone for everything that has followed. And I want to go back and look at the second season -- which is now out on DVD -- to refresh my memory of how well it played out.
Still, I'm really enjoying the current season, since everyone is playing hard and scheming harder while remembering that it's a game. Even under these conditions, games are supposed to be fun, and you can see the enjoyment in this group; think of the joking-but-not-joking dialogue during and after Thursday's reward challenge.


Blogger Pat said...

That reward challenge really broke up the old alliance. Gregg was foolish to leave both Ian and Tom behind; he probably should have taken Ian with him. Kind of highlights that maybe it would have been better not to get the right answers, to avoid any acrimony.

It will be interesting to see if next week the women look at the "all-female" alliance. I'll bet Jenn is wishing she'd gone along with Steph's suggestion right now. Caryn could be in great shape as the swing vote.

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