Tuesday, May 10, 2005

This Is Why I Love ''Amazing Race''

Well, this is the second time I've tried to post and I hope it works. I'll keep trying because I'm thoroughly wired by Uchenna & Joyce winning ''Amazing Race 7.''
I cheered when they approached the finish line, and not just because they were beating Rob & Amber (who finished second, with Ron & Kelly third). Sure, that made the win sweeter. But I was cheering for more than that.
I like Uchenna & Joyce. I like the way they played the game with determination and optimism, even when they were far behind and seemed to be facing total defeat. I like the way they treated the people they met along the way. I like the respect they had for each other as well as for the people they competed against. Think of Uchenna helping Meredith & Gretchen when he gained nothing from it but a sense that he had done right.
Then contrast that with Rob & Amber, who viewed deception, trickery and mockery as tools of the trade. Yes, that stuff works on ''Survivor,'' and I don't mind seeing it there. But I've always wanted to believe that ''Amazing Race'' is a show with room for honor and respect, a show that makes you admire the people who win for something other than cunning. Chip & Kim, who won ''Amazing Race 5,'' were good people, and you felt good for them. Same thing with Uchenna & Joyce. Their victory, then, is also a victory for the show.


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