Friday, June 03, 2005

Channel 23 News: Technical Problem, Not the End of the Road

When WVPX (Channel 23) did not put its Akron-based newscast on the air at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, it was the result of "a defective piece of fiberoptic equipment," according to a representative of WKYC (Channel 3), which produces the newscast. The 10 p.m. news did get on as scheduled, and the station is working on replacing the equipment.
I bring this up because many of us are on edge about the future of Channel 23's newscast, including one reader who was convinced that its absence Thursday was a sign of its cancellation.
As I wrote back in March, Paxson Communications, which owns Channel 23, has told Channel 3's owner Gannett that it will end their joint sales agreement on June 30. That agreement had opened the door for the Akron newscast and its end could be trouble for the Channel 23 news. But Channel 3 is still looking at ways to keep the Channel 23 newscast on the air. The problem Thursday was not related to this bigger issue.


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