Thursday, June 30, 2005

From Channel 23 to Position 23: News Goes On

I'll have a story about this in Friday's Beacon Journal, but here's the short version: The Akron-Canton newscast on WVPX (Channel 23) will move to Time Warner Cable's position 23 effective Monday. (''Position 23'' is basically the same as ''Cable Channel 23'' to you, but it's not technically a channel.)
Newscasts will air at 6:30 and 9 weeknights and will have the same studio and news team that the telecasts on WVPX have had. The newscast will also be available in streaming video at The 6:30 news will be offered by Time Warner as an on-demand program several hours after its telecast, and kept in an on-demand archive for about two weeks after it airs.
The Akron-Canton news has been in jeopardy for the last three months, ever since WVPX's owner Paxson Communications announced it would end a joint sales agreement with the Gannett Co., owner of WKYC (Channel 3). Among other things, the deal let WKYC produce an Akron-Canton news for WVPX. The agreement officially ends today, and the newscasts will have their last airing on WVPX on Friday.
Paxson is moving in a different programming direction which makes local programs like the news less important than nationally distributed shows. Experienced TV-watchers will recall that Paxson killed an earlier Akron-Canton news when it bought Channel 23 (then WVPX) in 1996.
Even though some viewers don't get cable, most of those in the Akron-Canton area do, Time Warner said. And it expects to reach even more next year, since it will be getting additional local homes as part of the purchase of Adelphia Communications by Time Warner and Comcast.


Blogger Ben said...

This could be huge...I know that cable-only news has worked in many cities, from Tampa Bay News 9, Long Island News 12, and down in Naples Florida, all the channels there are "known" by their cable position numbers.
I'm really glad to see the news continue in Akron!

4:43 AM  
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