Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Life without MP3? Say it isn't so...

I thought this announcement from MTV was both funny and deeply depressing. Funny because of the way it suggested the difficulty of life without modern toys, and depressing because I remember a childhood when home tech consisted of black-and-white TVs and hi-fidelity record players.
Here's what MTV has in mind:

12 Young People Test Their Endurance of All Things '70s...In a House with No Cell Phones, No Computers, and No MP3 Music Players ...

MTV: Music Television today announced the premiere of "MTV's The '70S House," a new reality competition series where 12 young people kick their modern, 2005 coolness to the curb to live in a groovy 1970s-era house - in the hopes of winning cash and fabulous prizes.
The series premieres on Tuesday, July 5, at 10:30 pm, and will feature guest appearances by some of the biggest names from the '70s, including Erik Estrada, Deney Terrio, Jimmy Walker, Leif Garrett, and others. The show is co-hosted by "Bert and Dawn," played by stand-up comics Bil Dwyer and Natasha Leggero, who lead the housemates on this far-out journey back in time.
From 8-tracks to avocado-green appliances, rotary phones to bellbottoms, this house brings the best - and worst - of the 1970s back to life. Led through the '70s-style competitions by our hosts "Bert and Dawn," the housemates will participate in '70s-style competitions, from a roller-derby dance-off to spoofs on '70s TV game show favorites. In addition, they will be penalized for any use of modern conveniences or out-of-era slip-ups.
In the end, whoever survives the living conditions - and the harsh judgment of Bert, who directs the players through a speakerphone - will disco away with enviable prizes.... MTV'S THE '70S HOUSE will be a hilarious look at what happens when people get a surprising taste of what it was like 30 years ago.Without the things they've come to rely on - including modern slang and technology - these houseguests will be in for an eye-opening experience!


Blogger Neo Blue said...

Will there be shag carpeting, and avocado colored appliances?

I too was a teen during that time period and survived without mp3s, IM, and the net. We read, listened to the radio, played records, watched the tube.

Not compelling television!

4:26 AM  
Blogger Rich Heldenfels said...

Probably not. But the MTV announcement did indeed mention ''avocado-green appliances.''

10:28 AM  
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