Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Next: The 100 Greatest Eating Scenes

Well, we've all survived the latest American Film Institute list and TV special that always accompanies it. And today the AFI Web site -- -- has been busy with people wanting one more look at the latest list (of great film quotes) with the AFI trying to take advantage. ''Join AFI and vote for the next AFI 100,'' the site suggests.
But what should the next 100 be? AFI has already done the greatest movies, heroes and villains, thrillers and comedies, so it's running out of big categories. And you can't have just any category, because you want one that can be made into one of those network clip-specials, and you want those clips to cross enough generations that you will get a wide audience.
But I suspect we are creeping ever closer to a really dumb AFI special. Greatest movie sunsets, maybe. Greatest movies with co-stars who hated each other. Greatest movie with an actor in a hairpiece. (Hello, Bruce Willis.)
Then again, given the willingness of people to argue about any ranking, even the silliest sounding list could get people to talk -- and watch the results on TV. Consider the ''greatest eating scenes'' I mentioned. A ridiculous topic, to be sure. But wouldn't you put ''Animal House'' on the list? ''Tom Jones''? ''Diner''?


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