Monday, June 06, 2005

Russell Crowe & Scott Savol: Compare and Contrast

''What are the odds ... ...that Russell Crowe would be charged with the same crime as Scott Savol?'' said an e-mail from a friend, citing Crowe's latest brush with the law. This is from the Associated Press account of Crowe's incident:

NEW YORK (AP) - Russell Crowe was arrested and charged Monday for allegedly throwing a telephone at an employee of the Manhattan hotel where he was staying.
Crowe, 41, who plays a boxer in his latest film, "Cinderella Man," allegedly threw the phone at the concierge at the Mercer Hotel in SoHo, "hitting him in the face and causing a laceration and substantial pain," according to the complaint.
The Australian movie star was arraigned on charges of second-degree assault and fourth-degree criminal possession of a weapon - the telephone - before Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Martin Murphy. The assault charge is punishable by four years in prison. (end of AP excerpt)

AND THIS, for those of you who forget ''American Idol'' contestants as soon as they are voted off, is from The Smoking Gun's account of a 2001 case involving Savol, his former companion Michele Martin and their son Brandon. The quotes come from a Shaker Heights police report:

When Savol and his brother arrived at Martin's home, an argument ensued, with Savol calling Martin "several vulgar names." He then grabbed the woman's hand and pulled an engagement ring off her finger and "stated he was also going to take their son," cops reported. When Savol "grabbed the baby," Martin "stopped him from taking the child by telling [Savol] that she was going to call 911." At that point, according to the police report, Savol shoved Martin, pulled a phone from her hand, and then threw it at Martin, striking her in the chest. "This caused the phone to break," the report notes. ... Savol eventually took a plea to a misdemeanor disorderly conduct rap and was fined $500, placed on a year's probation, ordered to complete a domestic violence or anger management program, and sentenced to a suspended 20-day jail term.
(end of Smoking Gun excerpt)

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised to see the eerie similarity in the two men making a telephone their weapon of choice. After all, the comparisons don't end there. Savol and Crowe are both singers -- the latter having recorded with the band 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. Both like being the center of attention, Crowe in his movies, Savol in his repeated singing ''Take a look at me now.'' Both not only have tempers but a martyred quality -- Crowe via movies like ''Gladiator'' and ''A Beautiful Mind,'' Savol by discussion of his struggles on the way to ''Idol'' -- but also an aggressive side. Think of Crowe's steely stare and brawler's manner, and Savol's reactions to criticism from Simon Cowell.


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