Monday, June 20, 2005

What Do We Watch TV For?

There's a 1978 book called ''The Best Thing on TV: Commercials,'' and the ads in the Super Bowl are treated as a big audience magnet -- sometimes bigger than the games themselves. But I still find it odd when an ad is treated as an event -- as if ever more often the case with ads for highly anticipated movies -- and therefore something that may actually get people to tune to a show they watch. It's especially annoying when there's corporate synergy at work -- when the network showing the ad is owned by the same company that's behind the movie. But the trend may just get worse, as this announcement from NBC Universal suggests:

''NBC Universal will present an unprecedented motion picture preview "roadblock" as all ten of its networks simultaneously telecast the world premiere of the first trailer for Universal Pictures' King Kong, the dramatic adventure helmed by Oscar-winning director Peter Jackson, on Monday, June 27, from 8:59:30-9:02 PM ET. As
part of the ambitious, multi-pronged effort, the two-minute, 30-second teaser trailer will be broadcast at the same time on NBC, SCI FI, USA Network, Bravo, MSNBC, CNBC, Telemundo, Mun2, TRIO and Universal HD. The trailer will be offered in high-definition on NBC and Universal HD.''
(end NBC excerpt)

Of course, the commercial may be so complete in itself that I won't feel any need to see the movie.


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