Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Real Baseball

Saturday night, my wife and I went to an Akron Aeros game, a nice evening out. The seats were good, the atmosphere cheerful and the heat far less oppressive than it has been most days lately. Still, even in a relaxed situation like that, I found myself scribbling notes on a corner of the roster; the reporter-critic in me never takes much time off.
I liked being that close to the game, and letting the eyes go where a TV camera might not. On the other hand, I missed seeing replays of key events, to be clear on what had happened and how. And while the pace was pleasant, it felt slower than the game does on TV. On TV, the breaks are filled with commercials and a chance to flip channels to see what's going on in the rest of the world; in the ballpark, even when there's a little stunt to keep the fans entertained, the time until play resumes feels longer.
Little things caught the eye and ear, too. I couldn't help but write down that an announcer was touting a drawing of tickets for the World Series in Detroit -- confusing the series with baseball's upcoming All-Star Game. That's in Detroit. We don't know where the World Series is going to be (although Indians fans right now are probably humming ''High Hopes'').
Then there was the billboard for Pax 23 News, the Akron-based newscast which had its last day on Pax 23 on Friday; it has now officially moved to Time Warner Channel 23. (See the posting below for more about that.) Not far from that was a sign touting Fox Sports radio on 1350-AM, which carries Aeros games; the station now calls itself Radio Free Ohio and has moved from a mostly sports-talk format to political talk from the left of center.
But hey, the Aeros won. And came from behind to do it.


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